Seminars: Past

Past seminars (beginning with most recent). Click on text for details.

Feminist Black Study & Radical Political Economy,” Joshua Ramey

Silvia Federici and Decolonial Topographies of Struggle,” Giusi Russo

The Psychopathology of Animal Extermination,” Zipporah Weisberg

Cancel the Classics? How to Read Great Books in the 21st Century, from Twain to Hemingway and Beyond…” Ulrich Baer

The Long Shadow of Rentier Capitalism: Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and How We Turned a Refuge into Reformatory,” Thaddeus Squire

For the Remains: Reprise,” Joshua Ramey

The Allure and Tragedy of Degrowth: Hegemonic Struggles Over Green Imaginaries,” Başak Koşanay

Making Degrowth Real,” Arron Vansintjan

Theory of Value,” Leigh Fanady. (Trash Theory Tumbler.)

Do We Need Science Court? Politics and Expertise with Zeynep Pamuk.”
New Books Network/Incite Seminars collaboration

Happiness?” Glenn Wallis

Art and Power: A Seminar with Joe Mungo Reed.”
New Books Network/Incite Seminars collaboration

Why Read Nietzsche? Thinking with Dynamite,.” Glenn Wallis

Should War Be Humane? A Seminar with Samuel Moyn.
New Books Network/Incite Seminars collaboration

Nihilism,” Glenn Wallis

History and Politics in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and Endgame,” Alan Seltzer

Simone Weil: Radical Engagement/Mystical Refusal,” Scott Ritner

Why Read Carl Jung?,” Davood Gozli

Decolonial Psychoanalysis,” Robert Beshara

Shamanism and its Discontents II: Divination,” Cleo Kearns & Joshua Ramey.

Revolutionary Pan-Africanism Against Racial Capitalism: Lessons for Our Present Moment,” Charisse Burden-Stelly & Layla Brown

The Politics of Contradiction,” Todd McGowan

 “What Do We Owe Each Other? For a Critique of Reciprocity,” Joshua Ramey

“Prophetic Conspiration: A Conversation with Federico Campagna”, Incite Seminars staff & members & Federico Campagna.

How can Anarchists and Autonomous Socialists Learn (and Dissent) from Marx’s Marxism?” Wayne Price.

Non Buddhist Mysticism,” Glenn Wallis.

Postcolonial Astrology and Mercury,” Alice Sparkly Kat.

How to Read a Book: Towards Ludic and Erotic Protocols of Reading,” Ken Scriboni.

Anti-Therapy Speaker Series: Marxist Perspective on the Mental Healthcare System,” Bruce Cohen.

“What Does it Mean to be a Citizen? The Past and Present of the New Afrikan Independence Movement,” Edward Onaci.

“Thinking in the Dark,” Glenn Wallis.

Alienation Reconsidered: Thinking with Césaire and Fanon, ” Bedour Alagraa.

Becoming-Soil,” Joshua Ramey.

Comedy as Politics,” Todd McGowan.

“Why The Left Needs Degrowth,” Aaron Vansintjan.

The Communism of Love,” Richard Gilman-Opalsky.

Breathingawareness: Introductory Workshop on Buddhist Meditation,” Glenn Wallis.

For Buddhism: Critique and Creativity,” Glenn Wallis.

Shamanism and its Discontents,” Cleo Kearns.

Sacred Economics,” Charles Eisenstein.

The Childless Witch: Trembling, Dance, Voice, Oracle, Grace,” Camelia Elias.

Hannah Arendt on Race, Identity, & Politics. Or: How to Change Your Mind as a Philosopher,Ulrich Baer.

“Philosophies of Time: Bergson and Deleuze in the Labyrinth,” John Paetsch.

Narratives With  Consequences: Storytelling Animal in a Colonized World,” Kevin Tucker.

Black Methodologies, Black Collaborations,” Katherine McKittrick.

Cospiration: Breathing, Poetry, and Making Atmosphere,” Ken Scriboni.

Occult Features of Anarchism,” Incite Seminars Anarchist Reading Circle.

Principles of Non-Philosophy: Wresting Vital Potentialities of Humans,” Glenn Wallis.

At The End of the World, Plant a Tree,” Adam Greenfield.

Seek No Master: Voltairine de Cleyre’s Anarchism Without Adjectives,” Ruth Kinna.

“Undoing Conquest: Getting This Empire off the Back of the Turtle,” Ashanti Alston.

A Strange Subject: X-Fiction II,” Glenn Wallis.

A Map Through the Ethics: Spinoza’s Geometric Vision of Liberation,” John Paetsch.

We Will Be Black: Cedric J. Robinson, Black Marxism and Beyond,” Joshua M. Myers.

Virgil, Sovereignty and Eros,” Cleo Kearns.

The Dispossessed Book Club” Anarchist Reading Circle.

A Strange Subject: X-Fiction,” Glenn Wallis.

Reprise: Toward a Non-Buddhist Contemplative Practice,” Glenn Wallis.

Reinventing “Democracy in the 21st Century: The Rojava Revolution,” Eleanor Finley.

Production or Enslavement?” Joshua Ramey.

Toward a Non-Buddhist Contemplative Practice,” Glenn Wallis.

Radical Relating as Decolonial Practice,” Yomaira C. Figueroa.

Rogue Scholars Unite!” Incite Seminars Staff.

Unsettling Territory: A Decolonial Mapping Workshop,” Rebecca Manski.

Anarcho-Blackness: Reading Group

A Critical Introduction to Buddhist Thought,” Glenn Wallis.

A Strange Subject: Participant Workshop,” Glenn Wallis.

The Great Radical Race Read,” Reading Group.

A Strange Subject,” Glenn Wallis.

Level Up: Life In A Post-Pandemic Video Game,” Alison McDowell & Joseph Gonzalez.

Pedagogies Under Microscopes,” Clelia O.  Rodríguez.

Being Numerous: On the Non-Fascist Life” with YesWeCannibal and La Terre Institute, Reading Group.

Reality Beyond Realism: Storytelling for/versus Enlightenment,” Steven Koteff.

Rethinking Practice at the Great Feast,” Matthew O’Connell.

Mutual Aid: How To Survive The Crisis,” Marisa Holmes.

For Our Present Moment: James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time,” Rich Blint & Ulrich Baer.

Learning in the Crisis: On Rediscovering “the Social” in the Midst of a Pandemic,” Judith Suissa.

Total Liberation: The Buddhist Eight-Fold Path, Animal Justice, and Liberatory Praxis,” Philip Murphy.

Sacrifice, Gender & Eros,” Cleo Kearns.

Debt as Original Sin,” Joshua Ramey.

Sacrifice, Debt and Grief,” Cleo Kearns.

Empire of Xenophobia: The Long Political History of Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful’ Wall,” Daniel Denvir.

Lying & Truth in Politics: Hannah Arendt and the Fragility of Democratic Life,” Ulrich Baer and Amir Eshel.

Viral Grief, Rebellious Mourning: A Virtual Grief Circle,” Cindy Milstein.

“Confronting the Demobilizing Wall of Uncertainty:  Revisiting Black Bloc/White Riot in the Age of Trump,” AK Thompson.

Debt Strike Now? An Online Conversation,” Richard Robbins, Devin Singh, and Joshua Ramey.

Exhausting All Possibilities:” An Introduction to Deleuze & Guattari’s Political Philosophy,” John Paetsch.

How We Remained Human: Posthumans, the Technosphere, and the Selfish Meme,” Alexander Wilson.

Why the Debt Strike is Not Impossible,” Joshua Ramey. 

Darkness and Its Discontents,” Glenn Wallis.

Radical Education Workshop,” Glenn Wallis.

Contradictions of White Middle Class Dissent: Revisiting “Black Bloc, White Riot” in the Age of Trump,” AK Thompson.

Please Select Your Jacques Lacan,Patricia Gherovici.

Workshop: Non-Buddhist Redescription,” Glenn Wallis.

Buddhism: What Can It Offer Us Today?“ Glenn Wallis.

Revolutionary Pessimism: On Political Action Without Expectation,” Scott Ritner.

Why Marx Matters,” Gabriel Rockhill. In collaboration with the Critical Theory Workshop.

Critical and Contemplative Pedagogies for Eco-Justice,”Brooke Lavelle and Zack Walsh.

For Education: the College Classroom as Concrete Utopia,”Glenn Wallis.

Don’t Worry. Be Happy! Feeling Good, Bad, and Everything In Between,” Thomas Conners.

Buddhism in Ruin,”Glenn Wallis.

Ritual and Resistance,” Cleo Kearns.

Aesthetics: Toward a Radical History,” Gabriel Rockhill.

The Culture of Revolt,” AK Thompson.

How Living Well Matters In the Pursuit of Knowledge,” Lisa Miracchi.

Money and Metaphysics,” Joshua Ramey.

Anarchism and Its Aspirations,” Cindy Milstein.

Unlearning: Radical Education Theory,” Glenn Wallis.

Gilles Deleuze: Larval Subjects, Lost Time,” John Paetsch.

Darkness,” Glenn Wallis.

You must change your life: Rilke’s Poetics of Immanence,” Ulrich Baer.

The Noise of Time,” John Paetsch.

Speculum of Pain: Buddhism on Illness,” Pierce Salguero.

 “Contemporary French Philosophy: A Primer,” Gabriel Rockhill.

 “Is This How It Ends? On Human Stupidity and the Meagre Promise of the Epoché,” Glenn Wallis.

 “How to Find What Isn’t Lost,” Akilesh Ayyar.

Meditation: Self and Society,” Glenn Wallis.

Alienation and Its Antidotes: On the Thought of François Laruelle,” Anthony Paul Smith.

 “Buddhism in the Age of Trump,” Glenn Wallis.

Philosophical Concepts for Thinking,” Glenn Wallis.

 “Critical Introduction to Buddhist Thought, “Glenn Wallis.

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