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Our payment policy: As a  501(c)3 educational non-profit, Incite Seminars is committed to making our offerings of knowledge, dialogue, and community available to anyone who feels they can benefit from them, regardless of ability to pay. We trust you to pay what you can currently afford. If you can not afford to pay anything, but feel you can benefit from our seminars, we wholeheartedly encourage you to register for free. For others, please bear in mind that a seminar is quite costly to run in terms of labor, materials, and expenses.

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In this time of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the most helpful is for you to contribute monthly to our Patreon.

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Sponsor a participant who can’t otherwise afford a seminar but is in need of a creative and intellectual boost. You can increase your donation by “buying” more than one $10 increment. Any amount helps. Thank you very much.







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