We are very fortunate to have the following facilitators join us (arranged alphabetically):

Bedour Alagraa
University of Texas at Austin
Assistant Professor of Political and Social Thought in the Department of African and African Diaspora Studies
Areas of Specialization: Black political thought; Caribbean political thought; African anti-colonial thought; and Black Marxism(s); critical ethnic studies; Sylvia Wynter.
SeminarAlienation Reconsidered:
Thinking with Césaire and Fanon

Ashanti Omawali Alston
National Jericho Movement 
Center for Grassroots Organizing
Areas of Specialization: Anarchism, Black liberation, Black nationalism. As a result of his membership in both the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army, he served a total of 14 years as a political prisoner and prisoner-of-war.
SeminarUndoing Conquest: Getting This Empire off the Back of the Turtle

Akilesh Ayyar
Sifting to Truth
Areas of Specialization: Advaita Vedanta; jurisprudence;  psychology; psychoanalysis; Proust
SeminarHow to Find What Isn’t Lost

Robert Beshara
Northern New Mexico College
Assistant Professor of Psychology & Humanities
Areas of Specialization: Critical psychology; Islamophobia; psychoanalysis; global south; fundamentalism; secularization; Islamic humanism; discourse analysis.
Seminar: Decolonial Psychoanalysis

Rich Blint
The New School
Assistant Professor of Literature, director of the program in Race and Ethnicity, and affiliate faculty in Gender Studies
Areas of Specialization: American and African American literature and culture; the life and work of  James Baldwin; race, gender, and contemporary visuality; postcolonialism and diaspora; urban life and politics in the context of the global.
SeminarFor Our Present Moment: James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time

Layla Brown 
Northeastern University
Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology & Africana  Studies; 2021 – 2022 Senior Research Fellow at the Käte Hamburger Kolleg/Center  for Global Cooperation Research, Germany.
The Last Dope Intellectual Podcast
Areas of Specialization: Racial capitalism; Black liberation; pan-African, socialist, and feminist social movements in Venezuela, the US, and the broader African Diaspora; cultural anthropology; Africana studies; women’s, gender, and sexuality studies.
Seminar: Revolutionary Pan-Africanism Against Racial Capitalism: Lessons for Our Present Moment

Charisse Burden-Stelly 
Carleton College
Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Political  Science; Visiting Scholar in the Race and Capitalism Project at the University of Chicago; The Last Dope Intellectual Podcast
Areas of Specialization: Critical Black studies; political theory; political economy; intellectual history; and historical sociology; twentieth-century Black anticapitalist thought; W.E.B. Du Bois.
SeminarRevolutionary Pan-Africanism Against Racial Capitalism: Lessons for Our Present Moment

Federico Campagna
Philosopher & Writer
Overmorrow’s Library Podcast
Areas of Specialization: World-making;  metaphysics; shamanism; mysticism; prophecy
& prophetic culture; art; poetry & literature; history; philosophy.
SeminarProphetic Conspiration: A Conversation with Federico Campagna

Thomas Conners
University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. candidate in Hispanic Studies
Areas of Specialization: theories of affect, queer theory, and Latin American and Latinx literature. SeminarDon’t Worry. Be Happy! Feeling Good, Bad, and Everything in Between

Daniel Denvir
Host of The Dig, a Jacobin magazine podcast
Fellow at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Areas of Specialization: contemporary politics, immigration, criminal justice. 
Seminar: Empire of Xenophobia: The Long Political History of Trump’s “Big, Beautiful” Wall

Charles Eisenstein
Areas of Specialization:  economics; civilization; consciousness; money; ecology.
Seminar: Sacred Economics

Camelia Elias
Aradia Academy
Eyecorner Press
Areas of Specialization: teaching and writing on the philosophy and practice of reading tarot cards; contemplative arts; oracular language; martial arts cartomancy; Zen.
Seminar: The Childless Witch: Trembling, Dance, Voice, Oracle, Grace

Amir Eshel
Stanford University
Edward Clark Crossett Professor of Humanistic Studies; Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature
Areas of Specialization:  contemporary literature and the arts as they touch on philosophy, specifically on memory, history, political thought, and ethics.
SeminarLying & Truth in Politics: Hannah Arendt and the Fragility of Democratic Life

Yomaira C. FigueroaVásquez 
Michigan State University
Associate Professor of Global Afro-Diaspora Studies in the Department of English and African American & African Studies.
Co-director and curator of Electric Marronage
Areas of Specialization: the textual, historical, and political relations between diasporic Afro-Puerto Rican, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Dominican, and Equatoguinean poetics. Seminar: Radical Relating as Decolonial Practice

Eleanor Finley
PhD Candidate in Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst;
Associate editor at ROAR Magazine ;
Board member of the Institute for Social Ecology.
Areas of Specialization: social ecology; anthropology; practices of direct democracy in the Kurdish Freedom Movement and beyond.
Seminar: Reinventing “Democracy” in the 21st Century: The Rojava Revolution

Patricia Gherovici
Philadelphia Lacan Group
Psychoanalyst in private practice
Areas of Specialization: Lacanian psychoanalysis; transgenderism; race, class, and the unconscious; psychoanalysis and comedy. SeminarPlease Select Your Jacques Lacan

Richard Gilman-Opalsky
University of Illinois, Springfield
Professor of Political Science
Areas of Specialization: Communism; history of political philosophy; Continental and contemporary social theory; Marxism; capitalism; autonomist politics; postmodern philosophy; critical theory; social movements and the public sphere. SeminarThe Communism of Love

Davood Gozli
Independent Scholar
YouTube Channel
Areas of Specialization: Experimental psychology; human agency; philosophy; subjectivity; cognitive psychology; literature.
Seminar: Why Read Carl Jung?

Adam Greenfield
Areas of Specialization: the intersection of design, technology and culture; colonization of everyday life by information technology; city life and urban design; anarchism. His most recent works are Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life (Verso, 2017), and At the End of the World, Plant a Tree (Liberia). SeminarAt the End of the World, Plant a Tree

Marisa Holmes
Brooklyn, NY
Organizer, Filmmaker, and Educator
Areas of Specialization: Sociology of media, critical theory, networks, the public sphere, anarchism. SeminarMutual Aid: How to Survive the Crisis

Cleo Kearns
Dartmouth College, Visiting Scholar
Areas of Specialization: continental philosophy, comparative religion, western literature, Jacques Lacan, Julia Kristeva, shamanism and sacrifice. 
Ritual and Resistance
Sacrifice, Debt & Grief 
• Sacrifice, Gender & Eros
Virgil, Sovereignty & Eros
Shamanism and its Discontents
Shamanism and its Discontents II: Divination

Ruth Kinna
School of Social Sciences and Humanities at Loughborough University, U.K.
Areas of Specialization: late nineteenth century anarchism; history of ideas; political theory; contemporary radical politics.
Seminars: • Seek No Master: Voltairine de Cleyre’s Anarchism Without Adjectives

Başak Koşanay 
MA in International Political Economy
Areas of Specialization: Degrowth; degrowth from a Global South perspective; political ecology; critical political economy; and state theory.
Seminar: The Allure and Tragedy of Degrowth: Hegemonic Struggles Over Green Imaginaries

Steven Koteff
Philadelphia, PA
Areas of Specialization: fiction writing
SeminarReality Beyond Realism: Storytelling for/versus Enlightenment

Brooke Lavelle
Courage of Care Coalition
Areas of SpecializationBuddhist studies; cognitive science; contemplative theory; anti-oppressive pedagogy; social justice; educational equity.
Seminar: Critical and Contemplative Pedagogies for Eco-Justice

Rebecca Manski
Unsettling Wall Street/Borderless Walks and Social Justice Tours Collective
Independent educator, curriculum designer, researcher
Area of Specialization: The interplay between enclosure and mobilization of contested spaces; prefigurative mapping; the fortresses, walls and detention centers in one of this country’s first border zones: New York’s financial district.
Seminar: Unsettling Territory: A Decolonial Mapping Workshop

Todd McGowan
University of Vermont
Areas of Specialization: film studies; theory and film; psychoanalysis; psychoanalytic film theory; Jacques Lacan; Georg Hegel; Continental philosophy.
Seminar: Comedy as Politics; The Politics of Contradiction

Katherine McKittrick 
Professor of Gender Studies
Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada.
Areas of Specialization: Ecology in the work of black studies theorists; color, color theory, image-making, and black aesthetics; black geologies; Sylvia Wynter.
Seminar: Black Methodologies | Black Collaborations

Cindy Milstein
Institute for Anarchist Studies
Author, organizer, activist
Areas of Specialization: Creating autonomous spaces of resistance, reconstruction, and education. 
Seminars: • Anarchism and its Aspirations • Viral Grief, Rebellious Mourning

Lisa Miracchi
University of Pennsylvania
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Areas of Specialization: Mind, epistemology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, action and practice, feminism, language. SeminarHow Living Well Matters In the Pursuit of Knowledge

Alison McDowell
Activist and Philadelphia-based independent researcher. She blogs about race, financialization, and technology, at wrenchinthegears.com. Seminar: Level Up: Life In A Post-Pandemic Video Game

Philip Murphy
Buddhist Action Coalition NYC
Animal Rebellion NYC
Areas of Specialization: practitioner of Theravada Buddhism; former director at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, the Insight Mediation Center of the Pioneer Valley (Easthampton, MA), and New York Insight Meditation Center; founding member of the Buddhist Action Coalition NYC; co-founder of the New York City chapter of climate and animal justice organization Animal Rebellion.
Seminar: Total Liberation: The Buddhist Eight-Fold Path, Animal Justice, and Liberatory Praxis

Joshua M. Myers
Howard University
Associate Professor of Africana Studies in the Department of Afro-American Studies.
Areas of Specialization: Africana intellectual histories and traditions; Africana philosophy; musics and foodways; critical university studies; and disciplinarity.
Seminars: We Will be Black: Cedric J. Robinson, Black Marxism,and Beyond

Matthew O’Connell
Imperfect Buddha Podcast
O’Connell Coaching
Areas of Specialization: Buddhism; non-buddhism; shamanism; critical thinking skills. SeminarRethinking Practice at the Great Feast

Edward Onaci
Ursinus College
Associate Professor of History and African American & Africana Studies
Areas of Specialization: African American history; modern U.S. history; citizenship and nationalism; the New Afrikan Independence Movement; women’s global political struggles; social movements and music in Africa and its diaspora. SeminarWhat Does It Mean to be a Citizen? The Past and Present of the New Afrikan Independence Movement

Wayne Price
Anarchist Library
Revolutionary, activist, theorist, and writer.
Areas of Specialization: Anarchism; anarchist economic theory; Marxist economic theory; Trotskyism; anarchist ethics.
Seminar: How Can Anarchists and Autonomous Socialists Learn (and Dissent) from Marx’s Marxism?

Scott Ritner
SUNY Potsdam
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Areas of Specialization: Political theory; critical theory; Simone Weil; Marxian political thought; political philosophy; political theology. Seminar: Revolutionary Pessimism: On Political Action Without Expectation; Simone Weil: Radical Engagement/Mystical Refusal

Richard Robbins
SUNY Plattsburgh
Professor of Anthropology
Areas of Specialization: global problems, utopian societies, Indigenous peoples of North America, comparative religion, and activist anthropology. 
Seminar: Debt Strike Now? 

Clelia O. Rodríguez
University of Toronto
Seeds of Change
Areas of Specialization: Pedagogies of liberation and resistance; decolonizing academia; politics of research and methodology critical race theories; cultural and literary theories; critical writing and thinking; discourses of power; Spanish as a second Language; literary production of Spanish-speaking writers SeminarPedagogies Under Microscopes

Gabriel Rockhill
Villanova University
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Areas of Specialization: Modern and contemporary philosophy; social and political thought; aesthetics; social theory; cultural history and historiography; literary and film theory; ethics; psychoanalysis.
Seminars: • Contemporary French Philosophy: A Primer • Aesthetics: Toward a Radical History • Why Marx Matters

Giusi Russo
Montgomery County Community College 
Assistant Professor of History
Areas of Specialization:  Bodies and empires; colonialism in the United Nations; decolonialism; bodily rhetoric; gender and history; aesthetics of Third Worldism in Italy.
Seminar: Silvia Federici and Decolonial Topographies of Struggle

Pierce Salguero
Penn State, Abington College
Associate Professor of Asian Studies
Areas of Specialization: History of medicine; Buddhist studies; Asian religions; cultural exchange; Thai massage. 

SeminarSpeculum of Pain: Buddhism on Illness

Alan Seltzer
La Salle University
Writing Program
Areas of Specialization: Poetry; literature; Samuel Beckett; psychoanalysis; Buddhism.
Seminar: History and Politics in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and Endgame.

Ken Scriboni
Reader, Writer, Educator, World Language Teacher.
Comparative Literature/Italian Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Areas of Specialization: Italo Calvino; Italian diasporic studies; Meridionalismo; second language acquisition; autonomist Marxism; Black radical thought; anti-work politics; liberatory pedagogy; queer theory; translation studies; Buddhisms. SeminarCospiration: Breathing, Poetry, and Making Atmosphere; How to Read a Book: Towards Ludic and Erotic Protocols of Reading.

Devin Singh
Dartmouth College
Associate Professor of Religion
Areas of Specialization: religion, philosophy, ethics, organizational dynamics, and the connections among religion, economics, and politics. 
Seminar: Debt Strike Now? 

Natalia Smirnov
Writer, Researcher, Learning Experience Designer.
Areas of Spe
cialization: Prefigurative pedagogy, post-capitalism, play as liberation. GroupsLudic Liberation Lab. Editor: REFUSE: A Journal of Iconoclasms

Alice Sparkly Kat
Their astrological work has inhabited MoMA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and The Brooklyn Museum. They’re the author of Postcolonial Astrology.
Areas of Specialization: Astrology; post-colonial astrology;  “taking back the language of the cosmos from capitalism and supremacy and to use it for the creation of communities of care.”
Seminar: Post-Colonial Astrology and Mercury

Thaddeus Squire
Social Impact Commons 
Areas of Specialization: Nonprofit management; arts and cultural heritage preservation; fiscal sponsorship; American pragmatism; commoning; cooperative management, new localism; the history of philanthropy; fine and performing arts; museum sciences. 
Seminar: The Long Shadow of Rentier Capitalism: Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and How We Turned a Refuge into Reformatory

Judith Suissa
Professor of Philosophy of Education UCL Institute of Education, London, UK
Areas of Specialization: Political and moral philosophy, with a focus on anarchist theory; questions of social justice; radical and libertarian educational traditions; utopian theory; the role of the state, and the parent-child relationship.
Seminar: Learning in the Crisis: On Rediscovering “the Social” in the Midst of a Pandemic

Anthony Paul Smith
La Salle University
Associate Professor of Philosophical Theology
Areas of Specialization: continental philosophy; non-philosophy; philosophical theology; religious studies; scientific ecology.
SeminarAlienation and Its Antidotes:  On the Thought of François Laruelle

AK Thompson
Ithaca College
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Areas of Specialization: Walter Benjamin; social movements and social change; social theory; activism; politics; aesthetics; anti-capitalism. Seminars: • The Culture of Revolt • Black Bloc/White Riot • Confronting the Demobilizing Wall of Uncertainty

Kevin Tucker 
Black and Green Press
Wild Resistance Journal
Primal Anarchy Podcast
Areas of Specialization: Primal anarchism; the nature of colonialism and extractivism in expanding civilization; trauma of genocidal and ecocidal campaigns; the impacts of domestication.
Seminar: Narratives With Consequences: Storytelling Animals in a Colonized World

Aaron Vansintjan 
PhD candidate at the University of London
Uneven Earth
Areas of Specialization: Degrowth; urban social movements; ecological thought;  the effect of gentrification on food access of marginalized communities; history and political economy of food banks in Canada; urban geography; urban political ecology; ecological economics; and food studies. Seminar: Why the Left Needs Degrowth; Making Degrowth Real

Zack Walsh
One Project
Areas of Specialization: process studies; contemplative studies; engaged Buddhism; critical theory; radical ecology; post-capitalism; and China. 
SeminarCritical and Contemplative Pedagogies for Eco-Justice

Zipporah Weisberg
Academic work
Areas of Specialization: critical animal studies; the critical theory of the early Frankfurt School; existentialism; phenomenology; experimental dance; poor theater.
SeminarThe Pathology of Animal Extermination

Alexander Wilson
Institute of Research and Innovation, Paris, France
Areas of Specialization: philosophy of science, technology, and aesthetics conversing with cultural studies, environmental humanities, art, and media theory.
SeminarHow We Remained Human: Posthumans, the Technosphere, and the Selfish Meme

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