Incite |rouse, urge, encourage, stimulate.

Seminar | breeding ground, plant hothouse; gathering of a small group to discuss a topic intensively.

We create public  seminars to incite personal exploration and inspire community action.

We’re so glad you found us! Incite Seminars is a mix of rogue scholars, disgruntled academics, disenchanted buddhists, enchantment-hungry anarchists, radical therapists, and general weirdos looking to create autonomous and accessible forms of “higher education.”

Incite Seminars offers an educational experience. We do so by gathering an engaged group of participants for a dynamic exchange of ideas, led by skilled facilitators. All of our facilitators have a deep relationship to a subject or topic through intensive study or practice.

Our sessions are as enjoyably accessible as they are intellectually rigorous. We are certain you will find our seminars refreshingly satisfying, relevant, and even fun. No prior knowledge of a subject is presupposed. Read more about the process here. (Until further notice, all of our sessions are online.)

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and operate as community-supported educational cooperative. We invite you to join our Rigorous and Rebellious Learning community by becoming a member.:

Membership Options

Incite Seminars is a 100% member-supported learning community. We refuse to participate in the philanthropic industrial complex (see this powerful book by a different INCITE! collective). Instead, we depend on member contributions to continue holding space for radical study and practice groups, putting on rigorous seminars and courses, and providing our facilitators and organizers with fair compensation. 

We have now made it easier for you to become a member at a level that is convenient and affordable to you! Choose one of the options that suits you

Keep an eye on our calendar for seminars, courses, study groups, and more.