Our Mission

inciteseminarsFBIncite | rouse, urge, encourage, stimulate.

Seminar | breeding ground, plant hothouse; gathering of a small group to discuss a topic intensively.

 We create public  seminars that incite personal exploration and inspire community action.

Incite Seminars offers an educational experience. We do so by gathering small groups of 6-15 committed participants for an open exchange of dynamic ideas,  led by skilled facilitators. Our sessions are as enjoyably accessible as they are intellectually rigorous. We are certain you will find our seminars refreshingly satisfying, relevant, and even fun. No prior knowledge of a subject is presupposed. Read more about the process here.

Incite Seminars is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit.

Our home is The Bourse, 111 South Independence Mall East, Suite 540, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (5th Street between Market and Chestnut). Here’s a map. [Currently, all sessions are online.]

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