Our mission

inciteseminarsredredIncite | rouse, urge, encourage, stimulate.
Seminar | breeding ground, plant nursery; meeting of a small group to discuss a topic intensively.

We create animated humanities seminars that agitate personal growth and incite social engagement.

Incite Seminars offers an educational experience. How? By combining small classes, an open exchange of ideas, lively dialogue, and a skilled expert facilitator. Read more about the process here.

We also publish an online journal on issues related to a re-imagined educational culture. It is called Incite Items for Educational Iconoclasm.


[This video from Syracuse University expresses the general spirit of our shared enterprise of educating in the humanities. We’re working on our own in the meantime!]

Incite Seminars is an educational non-profit (501c3).

We are a group of skilled and socially concerned educators who offer seminars at the interface of self-care and social change.

Our seminars are offered in downtown Philadelphia.

Our home is CultureWorks, a dynamic management commons for arts, heritage, educational, and creative communities. Sometimes we meet at the historic Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square. Be sure always to check for the location.

Register now for our current seminars. Descriptions here.