Our mission

We provide animated humanities seminars that agitate personal growth and incite civic engagement.

Incite Seminars is an educational non-profit (501c3).

We are a group of skilled and socially concerned educators who offer seminars at the interface of self-care and social change.

Our seminars are offered in downtown Philadelphia.

Our home is CultureWorks, a dynamic management commons for arts, heritage, educational, and creative communities.

Incite: as in Latin incitare rouse, urge, encourage, stimulate.

Seminar: as in Latin seminarium breeding ground, plant nursery; and German Seminar: meeting of small group to discuss a topic intensively.

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Sponsor a participant who can’t otherwise afford a seminar but is in need of a creative and intellectual boost. You can increase your donation by “buying” more than one $10 increment. Any amount helps. Thank you very much.