quotemarks[Below are some comments we’ve received from seminar participants. Those without a name are from participant comments on seminar evaluation forms, and so did not explicitly assent to going public .]

I love Incite Seminars: the people, the topics, the relevance. I love difficult and challenging thought liberated from the ivory tower. I love the idea of a school that explodes the idea of school. I love the under-construction, already-ruined, un-branded definitions of student, teacher, reader, seminar, workshop, practice, lab. I love diving deep into the work of so many indispensable guides, from David Graeber and Michael Hudson, to Hannah Arendt and James Baldwin, from Buddha to Bifo. This project is ethical to the core—how to be a human, in the form of questions, not answers. I can’t think of a better place to hang out if you are trying to figure out how to engage with the world. —Leigh FanadyScreen Shot 2021-01-09 at 2.00.02 PM

Incite seminars dares to venture into the realms of education and learning that most other institutions and programs shy away from. Questioning the authority of established knowledge and expertise and bringing one’s own insights and experience to the party is warmly welcome as is lively and rigorous debate, creativity, humour and plain old uncertainty. Thanks to Glenn and team for the care, kindness and respect they have demonstrated in all their facilitation and contribution. From across the waters of the a pacific I salute, bow and offer big hugs! —Jim Lavranos

I have been involved with Incite Seminars since its inception and have participated in more than twenty seminars. I can say without reservation that it has been the boldest, most engaging, most exciting educational experience I have had. From Gabriel Rockhill on French philosophy and aesthetics, to AK Thompson and Cindy Milstein on anarchism, to Glenn Wallis on Buddhism and radical pedagogy, and so much more, every seminar provides unique opportunities for a creative, intelligent, socially committed group of people to explore in-depth the human experience. I can say, in a word, that Incite Seminars has been for me transformative. This is what radical education looks like. Participate in a seminar or join an ongoing group. You will be richly rewarded!
—Alan Seltzer

Glenn Wallis’s sessions are a dose of much needed cognitive dissonance, where my habits of thought are shown the irreverence they deserve, and provide rich grist for strange new ways of thinking and living in the world. —Chad C.IMG_0293

I was very happy to accept Glenn Wallis’s invitation to facilitate a Incite Seminar. The participants he brings together were insightful and open to discussion. The opportunity to work with learners outside of the cynicism of the university system was a real gift.
—Anthony Paul Smith


Incite Seminars is nothing short of visionary! Bringing hard-hitting philosophy out from the ivory tower and into the public sphere is a project that is at once deeply democratic and potentially revolutionary. Incite Seminars is building an intellectual community that cuts across the usual social divisions, and that has the potential to radically disrupt the status quo. These have truly been some of the most vital conversations I’ve ever been engaged in.
—Pierce Salguero

The inspiration and positivity drawn from the event vastly exceeded my wildest expectations! — Participant in The Communism of Love seminar with Richard Gilman-Opalsky

A seminar with Glenn Wallis doesn’t just feel like another academic transaction, it’s a human experience. He is a teacher who wants people to think for themselves, to transgress institutionalized ideologies, to question one’s own assumptions. Importantly for me, his classes are also fun. I was used to stuffy undergrad philosophy lectures. Glenn’s classes always consist of robust dialogue and creative source texts. I would often leave classes bustling with creative energy and new ideas. Highly recommend Incite Seminars!  —Michael KeaneScreen Shot 2020-12-12 at 12.50.15 PM

Incite Seminars frees me to reclaim the pleasures of learning in company with other learners. That’s going to shape me into a better teacher, too, back in—yes—school. —Jean Goodwin


The seminar I took with Gabriel Rockhill was incredible on so many levels. It freed me up to discuss French theory outside of the super competitive environment of my PhD program. The really interesting mixture of people was so unusual. The whole experience was genuinely liberating.—RB


I have attended several Incite Seminars with Glenn Wallis.  Without exception, they were stimulating, provocative, engaging, and fun. Interacting with interesting people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences was immensely rewarding.  Glenn is a gifted teacher who knows how to keep the creative and intellectual juices flowing. If you are interested in in-depth explorations of the human experience, Incite Seminars is for you! —AS

IMG_0134Akilesh Ayyar brought incredible intelligence and freshness to the old system of Vedanta. As someone who is skeptical of “spirituality,” I was surprised to come away so inspired. Akilesh’s Harvard Law School and psychoanalytic training really wreaked havoc on my expectations! —John P.

Glenn’s insight brings new light to old themes. His teaching style is akin to performance art.
—Larry Denenberg

I learned more about racial capitalism and where that intellectual genealogy comes from, what it’s about. It also surpassed expectations – for the really wonderful dialogue and the caring, grounded kind of intellectual space it created. —Participant in We Will Be Black seminar with Joshua Myers

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 8.01.02 PMI feel myself again and again drawn to the Incite Seminars project because it’s utterly unique. There’s a seminar on almost every question or theme that a humanities junkie like myself finds themselves dwelling on. There is direct access to facilitators who have spent their lives and careers pursuing knowledge, and there’s always an enriching openness to the dialogue. I appreciate most of all the approach of the Seminars—there’s no shying away from or blushing over asking the grand questions of being a human and addressing the great concerns of our time.—Nicholas Coletta

I had a great time at the seminar. I was very excited that we had such a great group of folks who were able to share and ask questions. It went better than I even imagined.— Yomaira Figueroa

THANK YOU AND EVERYONE YOU WORK WITH FOR DOING ALL OF THIS FOR US!!! I was getting really depressed about where the mentality of this country was going… Then I came across you. JUST WHAT MY SOUL NEEDED. And I love how it’s for everybody. No matter where their politics are at. No angry shouting from side to side. Something that EVERYONE can do and learn: examine how their mind works. Thank you for providing a lot of us hope for the future. — New Incite Seminars Patreon supporter and participant in How To Read A Book course with Ken Scriboni

1b4990_604c52c72793479c9f4bd912f19f1f5f-mv2Incite Seminars have been a great source of inspiration for me. I see the Seminars as a series of ongoing experiments in learning, in getting together, in listening and communicating with others, and in creating lively discussions together. In the Seminars, we are concerned not only with what we learn, but with why and how. What happens in each meeting isn’t determined in advance and depends on what the participants do, because the meetings operate without “authority figures.” We get together in a spirit of curiosity and play, and we work together to bring to life basic and radical questions, which in turn inspire our further engagement both in and out of the Seminars. —Davood Gozli

I first stumbled upon Incite Seminars following a message that Joshua Ramey shared on social media, a posting about the first “Debt as Original Sin” seminar that transpired from May 5-June 9, 2020. Having read Ramey’s book “The Politics of Divination,” the opportunity to participate in readings and discussion germane to his current project, “For The Remains,” was indeed an exciting prospect. Now that the cycle of three seminar series has concluded, I agreed to submit a brief testimonial regarding Incite as a small token of gratitude for what has been one of the most intense learning experiences of my life. The first powerful virtue of this online seminar project is, in a word, access. At a time where post-secondary education has become all too rarified and/or prohibitively expensive, the seminars offered here put into motion the concept of “study” that Harney and Moten advance. As an artist and sometimes curator from a relatively isolated locale (Saskatoon, Canada), and as one of limited means, to have access to a seminar with a thinker whose work you already follow is pretty amazing. In reflecting on the experience, many of the philosophical and literary works brought to bear on the seminar constituted not only (on a personal level) my first exposure but (more generally) significant, powerful strains of resistance germane to our contemporary social field. Alongside lively contributions from participants as far afield as the UK and Australia, Ramey facilitated an edifying exchange that was truly pliable to this social encounter. Given the accessibility of such a quality of experience, one may have pause to wonder if what I am describing is too good to be true? If this testimonial is useful to any degree, it is to affirm that the Incite project is every bit as accessible and edifying as one might project at the outset and so much more in practice. —David LaRiviere


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