Who we are


Glenn Wallis is the founder and director of Incite Seminars. Glenn holds a Ph.D. in Buddhist studies from Harvard University. He is the author of several books and numerous articles on various aspects of Buddhism and cultural critique. Since the early 1990s,  Glenn has taught in the religion departments of several universities, including the University of Georgia (where he received tenure), Brown University, Bowdoin College, and the Rhode Island School of Design. He also served for ten years as the chair of the innovative Applied Meditation Studies program at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies. 

Glenn founded Incite Seminars as a very personal response to the escalating social inequality, intensifying racial unrest, and eviscerating techno-consumer capitalism that he increasingly witnessed all around him. The decisive moment came at 2:30 AM on November 9, 2016 as Donald Trump and his destructive politics of right-wing, white supremacist, economic nationalism rose to power in America. Is there any doubt now about the particularly brutish nature of American stupidity?

Incite Seminars was thus founded on the conviction that education in the humanities offers us a means to recognize, resist, and counter the forces of personal alienation and social divisionforces such as hopelessness, bigotry, passivity, and self-delusion. For this reason, from the outset, Glenn conceived of Incite Seminars as a community of learners engaged in a vital practice. Each seminar would be an experiential immersion in self-reflection, self-formation, and social critique. Through reading, thinking, and discussion, participants will realize unknown intellectual potentials, enhance interpersonal communication, and discover creative and effective ways of acting in the world.

You can read more about Glenn Wallis at his personal website. You might also visit his influential blog, Speculative Non-Buddhism.

Seminars facilitated:
Critical Introduction to Buddhist Thought;
Philosophical Concepts for Thinking;
Buddhism in the Age of Trump;
Meditation: Self and Society;
Is This How it Ends: On Human Stupidity and the Meagre Promise of the Epoché;
Unlearning: Radical Education Theory;
Buddhism in Ruin;
For Education: The College Classroom as Concrete Utopia.


We are very fortunate to have the following teachers join us (arranged alphabetically):

Akilesh Ayyarakileshayyar
Brooklyn, New York
Areas of Specialization: Advaita Vedanta; jurisprudence;  psychology; psychoanalysis; Proust. SeminarHow to Find What Isn’t Lost



UlrichBaer.jpgUlrich Baer, Ph.D.
New York University
Professor of German and Comparative Literature
Areas of Specialization: German literature; poetry; poetics; Rilke; Baudelaire; continental philosophy; photography; trauma. SeminarRilke’s Poetics of Immanence

Thomas ConnersThomas Conners, M.A.
University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. candidate in Hispanic Studies
Areas of Specialization: theories of affect, queer theory, and Latin American and Latinx literature. SeminarDon’t Worry. Be Happy! Feeling Good, Bad, and Everything in Between




Cleo Kearns.pngCleo McNelly Kearns, Ph.D.
Dartmouth College, Visiting Scholar
Areas of Specialization: continental philosophy, comparative religion, western literature, Jacques Lacan, Julia Kristeva, shamanism and sacrifice.

Seminar: Ritual and Resistance 



Cindy Milstein
Institute for Anarchist Studies
Author, organizer, activist
Areas of Specialization: Creating autonomous spaces of resistance, reconstruction, and education. SeminarAnarchism and its Aspirations

LisaMiracchi.bwLisa Miracchi, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Areas of Specialization: Mind, epistemology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, action and practice, feminism, language. SeminarHow Living Well Matters In the Pursuit of Knowledge

JohnPaetsch.pngJohn Paetsch, Ph.D.
Temple University
Areas of Specialization: Continental philosophy; Deleuze; Bergson; philosophy of time; poetics; poetry.

SeminarsThe Noise of Time; Gilles Deleuze: Larval Subjects, Lost Time


JRJoshua Ramey, Ph.D.
Haverford College
Visiting Assistant Professor of Peace, Justice, and Human Rights
Areas of Specialization: Contemporary continental philosophy; critical social theory; political economy; political theology; Gilles Deleuze; non-philosophy. SeminarMoney and Metaphysics


GabrielRockhill (1)Gabriel Rockhill, Ph.D.
Villanova University
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Areas of Specialization: Modern and contemporary philosophy; social and political thought; aesthetics; social theory; cultural history and historiography; literary and film theory; ethics; psychoanalysis. SeminarContemporary French Philosophy: A Primer; Aesthetics: Toward a Radical History; Why Marx Matters

PierceSalguero3.jpgPierce Salguero, Ph.D.
Penn State, Abington College
Associate Professor of Asian Studies
Areas of Specialization: History of medicine; Buddhist studies; Asian religions; cultural exchange; Thai massage. SeminarSpeculum of Pain: Buddhism on Illness


APSmithAnthony Paul Smith, Ph.D.
La Salle University
Associate Professor of Philosophical Theology
Areas of Specialization: continental philosophy; non-philosophy; philosophical theology; religious studies; scientific ecology. SeminarAlienation and Its Antidotes:  On the Thought of François Laruelle

AKThompson.pngAK Thompson, Ph.D.
Ithaca College
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Areas of Specialization: Walter Benjamin; social movements and social change; social theory; activism; politics; aesthetics; anti-capitalism. SeminarThe Culture of Revolt