How Can Anarchists and Autonomous Socialists Learn (and Dissent) from Marx’s Marxism?

How Can Anarchists and Autonomous Socialists Learn (and Dissent) from Marx’s Marxism?
Wayne Price

Saturday, September 25, 12-3 PM EST
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From their origins, anarchism and Marxism have overlapped with each other in many ways.   Their goals were a socialist  society, without classes, States, or other forms of oppression—to be achieved by an international revolution of the working class and all oppressed people.  Yet the mainstream of Marxism devolved into totalitarian state capitalism, while the anarchists continued to advocate a society of freedom, equality, and cooperation.  Why did they diverge?  Still many anarchists, from Michael Bakunin to Daniel Guerin, believed that there were valuable aspects of Marx’s theories from which anarchists could learn.  What were these aspects?  How can using anarchism and aspects of Marxism help deal with the current set of political, economic, ecological, and military crises which threaten all of society?

Facilitator: Wayne Price. Long-time revolutionary, activist, theorist, and writer. Author of The Value of Radical Theory: An Anarchist Introduction to Marx’s Critique of Political Economyand The Abolition of the State:  Anarchist and Marxist Perspectives,  His many essays may be found on the Anarchist Library site.  An “independent scholar,” he has a doctorate in psychology.  

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