Pedagogies Under Microscopes

Pedagogies Under Microscopes

August 15, Saturday, 12pm-3pm EST. Online via Zoom. Will not be recorded.

Clelia O. Rodríguez, PhD

cell under a microscope

Why? Because all questions should give us a headache or two. Especially if they are in abstract form. When? Every second there is trauma release. Where? Under the microscope of critical pedagogy. What? A tribunal for reconciliation within a curriculum of roots. Who? Interactors.

Erasing the Blueprint of identity is not gonna happen!

I reconfigure fabricated notions of hatred with radical love

˂laughs hard˃
Joyous anger.

The language that announces who I am in a meaningless void.

˂laughs even harder˃
Specialists of the ABCs draw their history in sand.


This seminar offers a philosophical way for understanding and engaging with critical pedagogies: what those are, why they exist, and why they matter. There will be images, unconventional texts and questions to take us into an exercise of critical reflection from a decolonizing perspective.

Facilitator: Clelia O. Rodríguez, PhD. Author, mom, cook, educator, gardener. As a Global Scholar, she has taught in Canada, the United States, Ghana, Nepal, Jordan, Chile, and South Africa, most recently. She has worked in Cuba, Mexico, and Bolivia as a consultant and educational advisor. Clelia’s pedagogical work is decolonizing and anti-oppressive. She has dedicated her energy in developing learning strategies and a curriculum that support students’ disrupting homogenizing ways of reading, writing and thinking in order to create spaces of unlearning. She is the author of Decolonizing Academia: Poverty, Oppression and Pain (Fernwood Publishing, 2018), founder of and creator of @StoriesfromElSalvador

She has taught courses in Pedagogies of Liberation and Resistance, the Politics of Research and Methodology, Critical Race Theories, Cultural and Literary Theories, Critical Writing and Thinking, Comparatives Issues in Human Rights, Discourses of Power, Spanish as a Second Language, and Literary Production of Spanish-speaking writers. Some of her written work is available at:

Time: Saturday, August 15th, 12pm-3pm. Online.
Cost: We don’t want you to think of it as paying money for a seminar. We do hope that you will, rather, enable our work, will replenish the ruins in which we are struggling to create education and learning community anew. The idea of mutual aid originates with anarcho-communist Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921). Simply put, it means: we voluntarily provide one another with the material means necessary for each of us thrive, or, sometimes, simply to go on. Incite Seminars will continue to create seminars for you as long as we are able to do so. However, to continue to be able to do so, we need resources to pay for our infrastructure, labor, and facilitators. We have created this tiered ticket structure through a great deal of discussion and experimentation to prioritize our commitment to access and fair compensation.

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