On Non-Fascist Life

Being Numerous: On Non-Fascist Life


August 6, Thursday. 7:30-9pm ET. with Natasha LennardNatasha Lennard 2

Natasha Lennard is joining Incite Seminars, Yes We Cannibal & La Terre Institute for a one-hour online  discussion of her highly-acclaimed collection  Being Numerous: Essays on Non-Fascist Life. The session is a culmination of a 3-week reading group held in July. Please email  meetmeat@yeswecannibal to receive the link for this free event.


July 16, 23, 30, Thursdays, 6:30-8pm CDT (7:30-9 Eastern Time).  Incite Seminars is pleased to join with Yes We Cannibal (Baton Rouge) and La Terre Institute (New Orleans/Kiln, MS) in hosting an online discussion of Natasha Lennard‘s highly-acclaimed recent work Being Numerous. We will discuss this relatively brief but profound work in three Zoom sessions. Please reply at: meetmeat@yeswecannibal.org to join the group and receive further information on the readings and discussion.

We are grateful to Natasha Lennard for agreeing to join us for a follow-up question and answer session.

“Pulsating with energy and acuity, Being Numerous tackles urgent, fundamental questions: What are the sources of our oppression? Do we want to be free? While assessing the forces aligned against our collective liberation (some of which are inside our heads), Natasha Lennard never loses hope.”—Astra Taylor

“Natasha Lennard views politics through the lens of theory, and writes theory with passion and fire—her essays on suicide, violence, sex and antifascism are the work of a dazzling intellect grappling with the most pressing issues of our time.”—Molly Crabapple

“Riveting … Being Numerous is an enlightening and eminently readable guide to the radical politics of today.”
—Times Literary Supplement

“Lennard’s writing puts feelings, facts and reasoning in close contact, respectfully learning from each other. As she shows so clearly, this communing of the faculties is one of the keys to an anti-fascist life.”—McKenzie Wark

“Lennard is no mere academic cheering from the sidelines, because fascism is never academic. In her testimonies and elegant critiques, she haunts the specter of its appearance, dealing with its pernicious effects on everyday life, and asks the pertinent question: what does a non-fascist life actually look like?”—Brad Evans

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