Rogue Scholars Unite!

Rogue Scholars Unite!

Do you desire the life of the mind released from the constraints of institutional higher education? Do you seek ample time for thinking, writing, teaching, and dialogue with others?

If you answered yes, you just might be a Rogue Scholar

Why “rogue”? To go rogue: behave erratically, unpredictably or dangerously, especially by disregarding the rules or the usual way of doing something.

The “usual way” of the intellectual and creative life that so many of us desire is becoming increasingly untenable. You know that already. Is there another way? We believe that there is. But to be economically tenable it requires a support community of like-minded people and smart strategizing. 

If you feel the same way, please join us on October 31st, Saturday, noon-2 PM ET for an informal conversation. Our intention is to discuss  ways forward, into the “asylum for the mysterious guests that we call ideas” (Sloterdijk)–ideas that nourish, unsettle, and incite.

For stimulation, as well as background to the original idea, read “Rogue Scholars: Learning in Ruin,” by Cleo Kearns & Joshua Ramey. 

This event is open to all at no charge.


Reading in ruin
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