Our groups offer warm and stimulating interactions—with other people, with fresh ideas, with your own journey of struggle and hope. 

Groups are on-going. You may jump in at any time.

We are here to read slowly, to study [and play!] in company with others, and to discern a plan for going forward based on that reading and study [and play]. We are here for the joy of these activities as ends in themselves and also in the faith that out of them will come ideas and practices, both personal and social, that will help us to heal our minds and bodies, care for our families, and participate with grace and power in the “struggle which is ours against the powers and principalities, against the rulers of this world of darkness and the spirits of evil in high places” as the great prayer to St. Michael goes. —Cleo Kearns, “Rogue Scholars: Education in Ruin

Please join us! Click on group name for details.

Anarchist Reading Circle

Anti-Therapy Group

Black Radical Tradition

Ludic Liberation Lab

(Non)Buddhist Practice Posse

Sanskrit Sangha

A $20 membership gives you the following.

  • Access to all recorded Seminars
  • 30% Discount on Seminars & Courses
  • Access to a members-only community platform for discussion, collaboration, and member-led initiatives
  • Includes complimentary participation in ALL of our ongoing study groups (above)
  • Access to readings & recordings from past multi-week courses
  • PDF or hard copy (your choice) of How To Fix Education – Handbook for Direct Action or An Anarchist’s Manifesto by Glenn Wallis
  • A  personal 1:1 welcome call with Glenn Wallis

If you’re inspired to incite a new collective, self-organized, and autonomous education experiment, check out our Syndicate of Initiative space Bylaws for how to do so! 

Keep an eye on our calendar:

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