Anti-Therapy Group

Anti-Therapy Group

Time: Monthly on Sundays, 3-5 PM Eastern Time. (Check time zone converter if you’re in a different location to make sure you get the time right.)
Next date: October 24, 2021
Place: Online. A Zoom link is available on Eventbrite on registration.
Facilitators: Jon Hook & Sarah Haueisen

For at least 70 years, critics of the field of psychotherapy have observed that one of the major roles of the therapist is to make their clients more compliant and productive citizens. Despite numerous attempts at reform, psychotherapy has yet to adequately address this criticism. This group is for practitioners, clinicians, and all interested parties who are skeptical of the ideological commitments maintained and enforced by psychotherapy and related fields. With the understanding that it is impossible to remain ideologically neutral, we will join together in an open forum to discuss:

  • The inhumane catastrophe that are modern definitions of mental health and illness.
  • The methods psychotherapy uses to make its participants ideal Capitalist subjects.
  • Ways of moving forward without giving up or giving in.

October 24th Session

Anti-therapy Ghost Stories

A spectre is haunting psychotherapy…

Join us for a special experimental session of anti-therapy dedicated to stirring the slumbering spirit of communism! 

In Anti-therapy ghosts stories, we will bring together radical clinicians who will share their ghost stories navigating the capitalist mental healthcare system from the haunted halls of the academy to the cursed catacombs of the clinic. Ghost stories will include experiences in training, supervision, psychotherapy, courses, community work and more. In response to each story, attendees will work together to create new praxes aimed at the liberation of client, clinician, and civilization itself. 

Join us in our quest to neutralize the mind zombies and conjure up liberating spectres from beyond the pale!

Readings, videos, and links are available on the event page once you register.


There are two ways to join:

Patreon Supporter ($20+): If you are an Incite Seminars Patreon supporter at the $20 level or higher, group participation is included in your membership! It will still be necessary to register (for records and communication; page may be pending). If you’re not a regular member of the group, we ask that you also register for the complimentary ticket below so we can share the meeting information. You will also be added to our group discussion on Circle.

Non-Patreon Drop-In Ticket: If you’re curious about the group but aren’t ready to commit your ongoing support via Patreon, you can buy a drop-in ticket for a particular date at the Eventbrite page.