Thank You Supporters!

We are profoundly grateful for any support you can offer, even the smallest amount. To date, generous donations have enabled us to give out 27 scholarships.

We have some big plans for the future. We believe that Incite Seminars has the  potential  to be a hothouse for innovative education related to personal awareness and collective change. But first, two things have to happen.

  • We have to increase our offerings. That requires a space of our own.
  • We have to open up the seminars to anyone who wants to take them, regardless of ability to pay. That requires a monthly donation base.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would visit our Patreon and make a monthly donation.

Make a one-time donation!

Sponsor a participant who can’t otherwise afford a seminar but is in need of a creative and intellectual boost. You can increase your donation by “buying” more than one $10 increment. Any amount helps. Thank you very much.


Incite Seminars is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit. That means that, under certain conditions, your contribution is tax-deductible.

We offer our deepest appreciation to the following people for their support of Incite Seminars.


Chaim Widger
Edda Weber
Alan Seltzer
Kai Riedl


Thomas More Institute, Montréal
Nick Coletta
Kai Riedl
Thomas Adams
Susan Di Cerchio
Tom Pepper
Carl Craft
Ulrich Baer

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