We are looking for facilitators to join us at Incite Seminars. Are you an expert in an area of the humanities? Perhaps a Ph.D. student or professor at a local college? Are you passionate about engaging with the general public? If so, please read on! 


Incite Seminars aims to present highly stimulating, socially relevant, and affordable non-credit courses in the humanities for the general public. All of our facilitators share the conviction that intellectual-emotional engagement with the humanities, together with vigorous group dialogue, catalyzes dynamic potential for the individual and society. Our typical course meets in the Philadelphia area once a week for 4 weeks or for a one-day, four-hour workshop.

Course Proposal

A proposal may be from any area of the humanities. We want to keep the initial phase streamlined. So, we ask that you simply include the following information in an email to inciteseminars@mail.com:

  1. Paragraph-length description of course.

  2. CV

We will then contact you to work out the details.

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