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registration & payment

We are constantly searching for a model of payment that honors our values of generosity of access and fair payment for labor. For us, these two matters are non-negotiable. First, our seminars, groups, workshops, private tutoring, and everything else must be available to people with varying abilities to pay. Our very reason for being is, after all, to facilitate rigorous and rebellious encounters between people and vital ideas. We need all of you in order to do that. Second, facilitators and team members must get fairly compensated. The time and energy that goes into producing each session is considerable and distributed across a number of people. After a period of experimentation and ongoing conversations, we have settled on a pricing structure that we feel is reflective of the labor and value involved, although we may continue to tinker with it in the future. 

We currently offer three levels of membership five types of ticket tiers. We use Patreon to handle our membership subscription and Eventbrite for majority of our registration processing. Both platforms incur some additional fees but allow us to offer a streamlined and organized membership and event-management experience.


We currently offer three levels of membership:

Explorer ($5/month), Scholar ($20/month), and Seeker ($108/month)

Please visit our Patreon page to latest description of the membership benefits.

True Cost Ticket

Typically $45.00/session (multi-session seminars are $45x number of sessions)
This is the true ticket cost of putting on an online seminar. We do not receive any institutional support or external grants and rely on member contributions and ticket sales to sustain our work and compensate our facilitators for their labor. If you are not ready to become an Incite Seminar member, we encourage you to choose this option.
Patreon Supporter Ticket
$30.00/session (over 30% off True Cost ticket)
If you are an Incite Seminars Patreon supporter at any level, you are eligible for a discounted ticket (over 30% discount off the True Cost price) for pledging your ongoing support.  To become a member of Incite Seminars, visit our Patreon page. We greatly appreciate your support!
Generous Supporter Ticket
Please consider buying this ticket if you have financial privilege (regardless of your membership status!). A portion of the ticket will enable us to provide Solidarity Tickets to those unable to afford the cost of the session.

Seeker Ticket

Included With Membership
If you are an Incite Seminars Patreon supporter at the Seeker Level (currently $108/month), all of our live sessions are included with the membership.  Once you join at the Seeker level, you will receive a personalized code that will enable you to register for ALL of our live sessions at no additional cost. To become a Seeker, visit our Patreon page.

Student/Contingent Scholar/Activist Ticket

We are painfully aware that many people who have dedicated their lives to radical theory and action are often living in the most precarious financial circumstances. For some of our seminars, especially those focused on themes and thinkers marginalized within existing spaces of higher education, we strive to offer an additional discounted Student/Contingent Scholar/Activist ticket. We encourage students, contingent scholars, and activists to join Incite Seminars as members at whatever level they are able to help sustain this autonomous radical education project.

Solidarity Tickets
If you are currently unable to afford any of the above tiers, please contact us at with a request for a solidarity pay-what-you-can ticket or to arrange a payment plan.

Thank you!


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