Is it just repackaged occultist stuff? visionary genius? white supremacy? Or do its accusers misunderstand it? Let’s talk about it!

🦋 Anthroposophy

⏰ 7:00-8:30 PM Eastern US Time
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📍Online ZOOM
👤 Instigator: Sarah Buckingham
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💲40 for Explorers
💲25 for Scholars
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About this event

Anthroposophy is the spiritual philosophy developed by Rudolph Steiner when he broke from the Theosophical Society in the early 20th century. Influenced by German Idealism, and Western esotericism, and bad science, Anthroposophy has had incredibly wide-ranging influence on various fields from visual artists like Kandinsky and Hilma af Klint, to inventing a new movement art called Eurythmy, and sparking the first organic farming movement; biodynamic agriculture. Anthroposophy is also associated with New Age beliefs like the myth of Atlantis, Lemurian “root races,” the concept of soul evolution, a belief in clairvoyance, the Akashic records, and lots of talk about crystals and spirit guides. Perhaps most notably, Waldorf education came from anthroposophy and has been getting negative attention in recent years for its association with Steiner’s racist views.

We’ve been seeing more and more overlap between the new age and alternative health with white supremacy and it feels like we’re in a moment of rising spiritualism and fascism, perhaps similar to Steiner’s time.

Was Steiner just repackaging older occultist stuff? Was he a complete visionary genius? Was he a white supremacist, or do his accusers misunderstand his work? Let’s talk about it!

Sarah Buckingham: MSW student/clinical intern, anarchist, astrologer, forest hermit, former radio documentary producer, Bootcamp for the Revolution Class of 2008 (AKA Antioch College).

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