Program Director


Max Finkel is the Program Director at Incite Seminars. He provides on-site management to ensure that the daily operations of Incite Seminars are achieved successfully. He reviews seminar applications, markets upcoming seminars, and continuously seeks out opportunities to ensure that Incite Seminars is a dynamic organization that meets the needs of the public. Read on for a more in depth biography.

Max studied business at Pace University and brings over six years of professional experience in healthcare management and marketing for book publishers. He is interested in the Humanities because he is interested in humanity. Each discipline included under the Humanities umbrella has a unique technique to engage existence’s ultimate questions. Although he has yet to find any ultimate answers, he is convinced that reading, writing, listening, and dialogue are vital exercises. Max completed an M.A. in Philosophy at the California Institute of Integral Studies and presented his final talk on the perils and promise of a moral theory grounded in human conscience. Having witnessed the term conscience being invoked to justify both atrocious and heroic activity, his research explored the nuances of grounding human action in moral intuition. Favorite topics of investigation include ecological ethics, moral foundations, the fertile rift between idealism and materialism, and any system of thought that claims the ability to appease the timeless issues of unnecessary violence, avoidable starvation, and preventable dehydration.