Philosophical Reflection and Life Practices


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LisaMiracchiFacilitator: Lisa Miracchi is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. Her areas of specialization and competency include: mind, epistemology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, action, language, philosophy of science, metaphysics, and feminism. You can read more about her research and activities at her personal website.

From her faculty page:

“My research focuses on issues concerning the nature of mental events and their place in the natural world. I want to better understand the distinctive features of the mental, how they might be grounded in the non-mental natural world, and how philosophers and scientists might make progress on these questions.

I am the Wellness Advisor for U. Penn’s Philosophy Department. The primary role of the Wellness Advisor is to support philosophy students by providing informal advice and counseling about any issue related to well-being. I also provide information to students and faculty about campus resources.”

Date: Saturday, September, 29, 10am-3pm

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