(Non)Buddhist Practice Posse

(Non)Buddhist Practice Posse

meditatingmonkDay: Mondays, every other week beginning Jan. 14th Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Facilitator: Glenn Wallis

This group combines short Zen-style sitting with dialogue along the lines of “non-buddhism.” (Here is a brief description of that concept.) The aim of non-buddhism is to “wrest the vital potentialities” that Buddhist theory and practice hold for the person, but to disable certain problematic tendencies associated with religions. We will explore, in practice and in theory, for example, how we might understand and benefit from the concept of “no-self” subtracted from the numerous over-determining Buddhist ideas that accompany this concept. The assumption is that the concept will then, and perhaps only then, become valuable material in our current situation.


To participate, please fill out the registration form. The recommended amount is $15 a session. In addition to the two options below, we have a donation box on site. We are committed to making our offerings of knowledge, dialogue, and community available to anyone who feels they can benefit from them. If you can not afford to pay the full amount, we encourage you to fill out the scholarship request form. Thank you!


(Non)Buddhist Practice Lab

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