Incite Seminars Australia

Incite Seminars Australia

IS AusIncite Seminars Australia was initiated by Jim Lavranos in collaboration with Incite Seminars to bring the non-tradition of rigorous and rebellious learning to the southern hemisphere. We aim to promote the work of the original project, including seminars and programs, as well as offer our own local take on the model that is contextual, not to mention, within a more accessible time zone. We believe that expanding on the existent network of facilitators and knowledge and sharing opportunities to teach, learn and participate is fundamental to the growing need for critical change within our global realities. With increasing sociopolitical and economic instability around the world and the consequent anxiety and malaise within the populace, decentralised education seems to be the one tool at hand for empowerment and potentially change. What a better place to start than with reciprocal dialogue and critique that has no physical or conceptual bounds, with the intention that it will motivate and drive us to understanding and action.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Join us for a very different approach to engaging the many ideas that guide and form our lives as individuals and societies. Together we can educate each other beyond the prescribed formats of established systems, and more importantly, enjoy it in the process!                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jim LavronosJim came upon Incite Seminars and Glenn Wallis whilst trawling the web for innovative and ground-breaking ways of understanding our world and ourselves outside of traditional and mainstream structures. He was inspired by the fervor and relevance of the movement for our turbulent times and decided to dive into creating an Australian cell.  Jim has many experiences and interests with degrees in Humanities (Philosophy and Psychology) and Science (Clinical Prosthetics) including postgraduate work in Bioethics, an ongoing career in allied health management, prosthetics research and international aid work, a passion for film acting and music as well as a penchant for experimenting with different spiritual practices (Buddhism and Shamanism). He aims to bring a bit of everything to the seminars but more importantly to nurture the knowledge, creativity and critical thinking that is inherent in others and the group as a whole, in order to create the conditions for a shift in the way things are known and understood. 

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“Liberating education consists in acts of cognition, not transferals of information.”

Paulo Freire
IS Aus Owl

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