08. Glenn Wallis. Inciting Change Through Courageous Thought + Action


Podcast interview at Wild Mind Collective

In this episode, Kaitlin Smith, creator of Wild Mind Collective, interviews Glenn Wallis, a scholar of Buddhist Studies and Founder and Director of Incite Seminars—a series of animated humanities seminars that agitate personal awareness and incite social engagement amongst the general public in Philadelphia.
Here, we discuss:
(1) His journeys within and beyond educational institutions
(2) Intrinsic barriers to the creation of new kinds of subjects (people) within academic training

(3) How political concerns have reshaped his scholarly work

(4) How the unexamined assumptions of Buddhism, mindfulness, and psychology undermine the liberation they claim to promote

(5) How he is creating space for inciting, public dialogues beyond the ivory tower

To listen, click image below.

Wild Mind Collective.png

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